CV Left to his own devices, Becula’s autobiography would read, ‘I make a good hermit’. Nevertheless, we have uncovered some probable details about the life of Benjamin F. Becula:

0 — ~30: LEARNING: Home schooling. Rattle around Europe for a year with parents. Highschool dropout. (Obligatory dish-washing, ditch-digging, truck-driving, and 5 years of seminary in here somewhere.) Welder, dry-kiln operator, sticker operator, oil-field machinist. Industrial design: special-purpose wood-working machinery: power-feed gang ripsaws; machines to make pencils, yardsticks, venetian blinds; agricultural harvesters; fiberglass-making equipment. Aerospace: hydraulic duplicating lathe, aircraft loftsman (Lockheed Electra, Boeing 707, Convair B58), engineering liaison. ———And that was quite enough of the real world: Never again!

Recreation: Backpacking, rockclimbing, kayaking, sailing, winter mountaineering, spelunking; folk singing, folk dancing, tamburitza making; bicycling; sustainability.

Education: San Diego State, UC Riverside (BA: chem, honors), MIT (PhD: physical chemistry).

Home town: Beverly Hills, Berkeley; Ohio (oops!); Cambridge MA, La Jolla, Melbourne (Australia), Narragansett, Bergen, Amsterdam; western Ireland.

~30 — ~60: WORKING: SIO, UCSB, U Melbourne, GSO/URI, Havforskningsinstituttet Bergen, U Amsterdam/ETI.

Visit interesting places in the guise of research field work or attending scientific meetings, among them: Jan Mayen, Madagascar, Kyoto, Delphi, Chiloe, Pitcairn, Tasmania, Reunion, Thera, Paestum, The Hermitage, Louvre, British Museum, Sesklo, Lascaux, Niaux, Bonaire, Lake Nakuru, with flag stops in between.

Thalassochemistry, free-surface hydrodynamics, image analysis, computerized taxonomy, geochemical models.

(IBM 704–7090, PDP-1, CDC 6600, TRS-80, IBM PC.) Macintosh: Classic ….. ….. ….. (one dot per model) ….. ….. .. MacBook Pro. Ubuntu!

(FORTRAN, FAP, Algol, BASIC, 80×86 assembler: Ugh!) Forth: Purr!

~60 — →: THINKING: Retire to foothills. Ride non-CO2-emitting bicycle. Build experimental autonomous house: water, power, heating, sewage. Create topsoil; welcome stray cats; plant fruit trees. Write book; request feedback.