The figure above is a good example of the need for peer review, for many may disagree with my reading of the literature. Why do I think that Indo-Pacific is a reputable language family? Did haplogroup K really cross the Khyber? The Tigris/Euphrates, Indus, and Ganges are obvious life-supporting routes inland—but I’ve never walked beside the Brahmaputra. Does it turn too quickly into impassable gorges to be useful? How did haplogroup NO go inland? (Haplogroups F and K are central to our story. NO is incidental, and could quietly be left as part of the unaddressed question of early religion in the Far East.)

Point me at the definitive reference! I have read only the abstracts of paywalled papers (otherwise the cost of research would have been 120% of my pension).

Returning to the ‘Function’ of religion, we have:

9 ROOTS — The classical progenitors are inadequate.
10 CRITICAL MOMENT — We invented religion before we developed consciousness.
11 PALEOINSTINCTS — Here lie original sin and altruism.
12 STRUCTURES — Religion has gone downhill since the Last Glacial Maximum.