Quick Start

Despite my best efforts, this turned into a long book, but it can be remarkably compressed for the impatient. There is a

which takes you to ‘Books and Chapters’ on the Topic Summary page. Beneath each Book title are a few lines of brown text which say it all. A red pointing finger (below ‘A. Preludes’) points to the beginning, and eventually another pointer will take you to the

which starts at ‘Précis  A’, with a short paragraph about each chapter. Red pointers lead to similar précis of other chapters. Downward arrows here lead to Chapter 0; within the chapters they take you to the next section. Carets take you back to a chapter’s Table of Contents.

[Editorial note. The book began in a word processor with a WYSIWYG (‘portrait’) orientation of its pages, and was put into continuous (non-paginated) HTML format with the help of a wide-screen side-by-side display, with BBEdit source code on the left and Firefox displaying the visual output on the right. Consequently, the result looks best a half-landscape-screen mode, especially when there are illustrations on a page. On small screens, one settles for a readable ‘landscape’ view of a portion of a page. Font size should be adjustable from the keyboard, and the space bar should advance to the next ‘page’.]