One of the most surprising recent discoveries is that direct democracy—’crowd-sourced government’—may actually work. At least, polls show that in the West, people are currently more aware than their politicians of what needs to be done.

21 POGO’S PREDICAMENT — 90% of Muslims create a better religion than their prophet. So can you.
22 EIRENIC REPAIR — Religiofication is the art of turning essentials into holy causes.
23 GAIAN REPAIR — Our environmental behavior is equivalent to eating seed corn.
24 MYTH, VISION — Where there is no vision, the people perish.
25 RECAPITULATION — The short, probably incomprehensible, version of all that has gone before.

Some things never change. When I ran across Zoroaster’s recommendations, I found that I had been repeating what he had said 2500 years ago. So much for originality!